What is Modafinil?

Modafinil is a prescription medication that is used to increase energy levels and alertness. Usually, doctors prescribe it to peoples who do not get enough sleep. Also, many users take it to increase their ability to study and increase their productivity overnight. In most cases, Modafinil is sold under the following names.

  • Sun Pharma Modalert.
  • Alertec.
  • lModapro.
  • Modiodal.
  • Provigil.

Modafinil was first produced in the 1970s by Michel Jouvet, a French professor. Later in 1986, they began an experimental treatment of narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is a condition when peoples fall to sleep or faint without any warning throughout the day. It has been prescribed for a variety of sleep-related conditions since its first use. Additionally, peoples who have suffered from a lack of sleep overnight have a remedy now.


In Canada and all over the internet, Modafinil is currently being marketed as Alertic. Alertic is a less expensive version of Provigil.

 What are the benefits of taking Modafinil?

  1. Modafinil reduces extreme Sleepiness

It can significantly reduce sleepiness which is as a result of narcolepsy and other sleeping disorders. Such sleeping disorders may include; obstructive sleep apnea. For this reason, it helps you stay awake if you want to work from the normal working routine. Modafinil does not get rid of your sleepiness. Therefore it should not be used to treat tiredness or hold your sleep for peoples who do not have any sleeping disorder.

  1. Treats Depression

It is commonly used to eliminate depression in peoples whom antidepressants alone don’t fully treat their condition. Therefore a combination of antidepressants and Modafinil has shown to treat depression.

  1. It eliminates Anxiety

Human studies have shown that Modafinil reduces reactivity to threating stimuli in the amygdala, a brain region involved in anxiety. Normally, Modafinil is prescribed as off-label for treating anxiety. Since it helps peoples gain more focus, calmness and confidence in stressful and social situations, it is the best option for treating performance anxiety. Therefore if you have anxiety, talk to your doctor about the treatments options that might reduce your symptoms.


  1. Stimulation

Modafinil is known to cause stimulation in the peripheral system. Though its role in the nervous system is not fully understood, it is believed that it targets the anterior hypothalamus region. Additionally, Modafinil increases the concentration of neurotransmitter which increases the body energy.

  1. Reduces fatigue

It improves attention in well-rested individuals while at the same time maintaining wakefulness as compared to placebo. This reduces the fatigue of working overnight. A dosage of Modafinil significantly improves the cognitive capabilities though repeated doses are unable to prevent deterioration of cognitive performance.

With proved positive effects, then it’s advisable you buy Modafinil.