Elephant Kratom strain

Elephant Kratom is derived from South-East Asia. The leaves of this Kratom strain are quite massive and look like the ear of the elephant. Because of this reason, it is named as elephant Kratom. Most of the leaves of elephant Kratom are found in Thailand and Indonesia. The enormous elephant leaf Kratom is usually cultivated in Hulu Kapuas, Ketapang, and Hongkong. All these regions are located in the Indonesian piece of the Borneo islands.

Significant classes of elephant Kratom strain:

The leaves of elephant Kratom are mainly chosen from significant, older trees profound within the forests and have three main courses.

Every elephant Kratom class fit into a particular region of South East Asia. The beloved elephant Bali Kratom is refined in Borneo and measured as one of the most respected strains on the market nowadays due to its astounding qualities.

One more alternative, elephant Maeng Da Kratom is originated from Thailand and is known best for its influential effectiveness. We cannot fail to memorize the names of Sumatra and Thai Kratom when it comes to fame.


Types of Elephant Kratom:

Below are the three most popular types of Elephant Kratom:

1) Wild Red Elephant Kratom

2) White Elephant Kratom

3) Green Elephant Kratom

Accessibility of Elephant Kratom:

Elephant Kratom is accessible in three primary forms; powder, capsules and liquid Kratom tinctures. It has been observed that Kratom users like to take this strain in the form of powder. The reason is that they believe Kratom in the kind of powder work more effectively and faster. They also feel that Kratom in the form of powder is the easiest way to take in Kratom. This is why many people prefer Kratom powder over Kratom capsules and liquid tincture.

Kratom capsules are also in use. This is because some people cannot tolerate the taste of Kratom. To prevent themselves from the bitterness of Kratom, they take it in the form of capsules.


Kratom liquid tincture is easily absorbed in the system, but the main reason for which many people do not excessively use it is its expensiveness. It is quite an expensive Kratom product as compared to the other.

Rates of Elephant Kratom strain:

Different sellers of elephant Kratom sells it at different prices. Usually, stores vend powder form of elephant Kratom at $10 – $15 per 1 oz. The capsule form of elephant Kratom is a bit expensive as compared to the powder form. Elephant Kratom 100 capsules price is in-between $38 to $45. Liquid tincture of elephant Kratom is sold at $20 per 12ml, which is considered quite expensive.

Purchasing of Elephant Kratom strain:

Elephant Kratom strain is available at many online vendors. Online stores sell different types of elephant Kratom strain at different rates. As elephant Kratom is a rare strain, maybe it is not available at smoke shops locally. Not all online vendors are selling this product. There are just a few vendors who are selling this incredible strain right now.