Green Malay dosage for different circumstance

All strains of kratom have to be taken in a given dosage. However, there is not an exact dose that can be said to be uniform for all people and in all situations. Basically, there are many factors and conditions which would lead an individual to take a given strain. For instance, age, gender and body weight are some of the factors which would cause a difference in the dose someone should take. The level of experience in the use of green Malay kratom also makes the difference. However, this article breaks to you the right dosage in different situations.

All factors kept constant, the minimum dosage of green Malay kratom is one gram per day while the maximum dose should be ten grams per day. However, the best rage should be between two to six grams per day. Therefore, an individual, you can choose the amount that works for you better. You only got to increase the dosage slowly by slowly so that it does not interfere with the normal body functions. Anything above 10 grams per day is dangerous for you. Beginners should start with 1.5 grams which they can increase as desired by 0.5 grams after every five days.

Based on body weight, green Malay should be taken in consideration of the body weight. For instance, if you weight 70 kg, then you should take about two to three grams. If you weigh 90 kg, then you should take three to four grams. Any weight above 90 kg should take 5 grams per day. These dosage for different weights are on the lowest value, and so an individual should keep adding the kratom slowly by slowly until he or she gets the required effects. Taking too much green Malay on a lightweight may result in an overdose.

The time interval for taking your dose also matter a lot. You should not take the dosage at a short range since this may cause addiction or tolerance. In most cases, you will start feeling the impact three to four hours after taking the dose. Therefore, do not be impatient and take another dose before the time elapses. It may lead to an overdose which in return may make you vomit.

As you take the recommended dose based on your weight or whoever the situation you are in, ensure that you do not take green Malay kratom dose in an empty stomach. The strain is, and so when taken on an empty stomach, the chances are high that you will vomit the whole of it and probably will never attempt to retake it throughout your life. Also, if you are taking it in powder form, ensure that you take it alongside some friendly potentiator like grape juice or fruit. This makes the process of ingestion to be bearable.

The Use of Wireless Adapter in Internet Connect

Wireless Adapter

Wireless adapters are used for connecting the wireless internet to electronic devices such as computers. They are wireless internet cards that connect wireless networks from any place, and they are used by people while studying, working and gaming.

Benefits of using wireless adapter

There are several benefits of using wireless adapter, and they include the following:

  1. You do not have to install the internal hardware inside the computers. The computers get damaged when installing the internal hardware inside the machines. A computer user who uses laptops is not required to buy a wireless adapter card because it is already installed into the computer.
  2. The computer users do not use cables. Here saves the space because the user is not using wires to connect her or his laptop to the also ensures that the people who use laptops are mobile and can access the internet from any location provided the Wi-Fi is available.
  3. The wireless internet cards are economical since the computers do not needs upgrade. If your computer has an outdated or a broken internal wireless adapter you are not required to buy a new one for replacement, all you need to do is to plug in an external wireless card to access the internet.

Where to find wireless adapter

They are available in both online shops and physical stores such as electronic and office supply stores. There is a wide range of brands in the market so you should choose them carefully to ensure you purchase the best quality. There also various varieties of these adaptors in online shops such as eBay.

You can read this review of 5 best USB adapters for gaming and select yours according to your budget and needs.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Wireless Adapter

The user should consider the following factors when buying a wireless adapter:

The size

They are manufactured in different sizes; large and small sizes are available in the market.

The features

The features vary from one brand to the other, and the buyers should determine the specifications they are interested in before purchasing.

The type of computer

There are also wireless adapters that are used for Mac computers, and they are different from the ones for PCs.

The speed 

The computer users are also advised to consider the speed of the wireless adapter cards since some are faster in transmitting the wireless internet. The adapters with very high speed are more expensive than the ones that are slow.

The other factors to consider when purchasing the wireless adapters include the warranty period and the security. Therefore, the users should do thorough research before making the decision.


The wireless internet cards are easily installed into any computer to connect to the wireless network. Therefore, computer users are advised to use them when they want to surf the web.

Kratom As An Anti-Malarial Effects

Kratom As An Anti-Malarial Effects

Get well with Kratom. Fight of malaria!

Malaria is a very dangerous disease that has not stop infecting people since ancient times. One would think, why should I worry about malaria if only citizens of tropic countries are infected? We don’t have malaria mosquitos in Europe or America. Well, unfortunately, this is not true.

Despite the fact that malarial mosquito’s exist in Africa mostly (there are evidence that they are in India, some regions of America, Indonesia, and the Philippines for example), breakthroughs of malaria (small or big ones) are not a rare thing. Malaria is registered regularly in:

  • Africa
  • Central and North America
  • Asia
  • Philippines
  • India
  • East Indonesia
  • Pakistan

Despite the fact that physicians are constantly fighting, and most of the times very effectively, against malaria, it still remains one of the most widespread infectious diseases and one of the most difficult to manage in the world. If looking at this matter statistically, then a must to say is that approximately 40% of the world’s population is threatened by this disease and every year approximately 300 million people get infected with malaria of which 1-3 million cases end lethally.

And the problem with malaria is that it is transferred from people to other people through blood (blood transfusions, organ transfusion etc.) and this is accompanied by the fact that it’s a traveler’s disease; Africans have immunity against malaria, while travelers don’t and that is what makes this disease so dangerous.

How can Kratom cure malaria?

Usually, malaria is cured with the help of a substance called quinine. Although quinine has been for long the most effective substance in managing malaria, is quite expensive and has some unpleasant side effects that may take place during treatment:

  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Elevated heartbeat
  • Hand tremors
  • Insomnia
  • Hives
  • Elevated body temperature
  • Uterine bleeding in women
  • Hemoglobinuria fever

Also, most of the travelers who are about to visit tropic countries receive prevention therapy taking short courses of quinine a week before travel and during the stay.

Kratom can not only help you fight malaria while infected with mild cases of malaria (in fact it cannot help you fight it at all if you get infected with tropical malaria, or another very difficult-to-manage malaria, unfortunately), it also can help you prevent malaria if you are intending to visit a tropical country or a country with a high risk of malaria infection; add to that if you are an experienced user, you are already more or less protected from malaria.

Traditional healers use Kratom for malaria management, a fact which scientist was curious to study and the results were quite amazing. Extracts of these plants were tested on three strains of Plasmodium falciparum, FcB1-Colombia and FcM29-Cameroon and a Nigerian chloroquine-sensitive strain for an evaluation of antiplasmodial activity and cytotoxicity in vitro. The results showed that Kratom has indeed a quite high anti-malaria activity, especially in mild cases of malaria and prevention of malaria.

What are the best types and doses?

It is difficult to tell. It is traditionally considered that the most potent strains which have the most alkaloids are the most effective. In fact, its alkaloids that can help you manage malaria are both in

  • white, green malay kratom and red vein strains
  • and you can use Bali, Maeng Da, red Indo kratom or whatever leaf you like.

If talking about doses:

  • Just take the regular kratom dosage that you are used to and it will do its work.
  • If you are a newbie consider taking from 3-15gr depending on how much you can handle, and don’t forget to stay alert about its side effects.

Strength and conditions

You can take from the most to the least potent strain; they will all show anti-malarial activity (nevertheless it’s best to use more potent strains).

Any condition associated with malaria, or malaria prevention Kratom will help you with EXCEPT very dangerous malaria with a very bad clinical manifestation (like tropical for example, where intoxication is at very high levels and is accompanied by an extremely high fever and other dangerous symptoms); in cases like this let your doctor do the work!


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Solve all your sleep issues with modafinil

Modafinil has been shown to be an effective treatment for idiopathic hypersomnia and it also shows very few side effects. It targets very specific areas of the brain and a pill remains active in the body for more than 15 hours. Other sleep medications require repeated doses throughout the day. It has been used to cure idiopathic hypersomnia. This can be a nuisance, but it is better than the heart palpitations and irritability that other sleeping pills give their users.

If you think you suffer from idiopathic hypersomnia, visit your doctor. He will be able to determine if he has idiopathic hypersomnia and modafinil can be an effective treatment. Your doctor may also give you other options to treat your condition and can probably give you advice on the type of diet and exercise that can help alleviate these problems.

Sleep problems related to excessive sleepiness were treated with the help of the medication. Narcolepsy and sleep apnea were treated with the help of the drug. Both sleep problems would steal the person’s alertness. It is necessary to take care of these sleep problems since there is the possibility of an accident due to the loss of sleep. The lousy state can be embarrassing and can tarnish your image in social circles. This medicine based on modafinil will help to mitigate the situation in your favor.

Drug acts push the person to the highest gait and, therefore, the person feels better and safer. This medicine will work for the improvement of the person. Dreams will translate into opportunities and, therefore, success, since the person is alert enough to catch them at the right time. The change to the upper gear is done by the brain cells. Brain cells are responsible for the best coordination of the brain-body. Here dopamine is the transmitter of neurons that is responsible for the focus and function of memory so the drug will inhibit dopamine, thus increasing the level of this transmitter-focusing neurons. The online purchase of the medication is the best option, as it will bring many benefits. In addition, you will have the option of a place to place your orders.

So do not suffer another day with uncontrollable desires to sleep. Regain your life and control your idiopathic hypersomnia. Consult your doctor today because there is so much more to do in life than sleep. And hey, would not you rather be spending time with your family and friends, instead of sleeping? Nowadays, people depend on smart drugs to maintain their cognitive abilities and strengthen their memory. These medicines are gaining popularity because of their great efficacy in the treatment of sleep disorders and their side effects.With this drug, you will be at peace with your life.

A few Online Kratom Vendors To Try

Where you buy your Kratom products will determine if you get a high quality product or will be given a substandard package making you incur losses. There are so many Kratom vendors but determining who is authentic and has high quality products for sale. Happy Hippo Herbals is among the best Kratom vendors you can trust your money with. They are relatively affordable and do not offer free shipping to anywhere. Shipping fee is a must and despite this, their quality is superb which is more important. The shopping experience and customer services are awesome. They respond to calls as fast as possible and ensure clients get the clarification they need. The range of strains available is great and you can select any you feel like you would like to try. Your orders are delivered as fast as possible and in case the products are seized at the customs or stolen or lost, a full refund is given as fast as possible or if you request that the package be resend, it will be done.

The Golden Monk is an excellent online Kratom vendor that has been in existence for a long time now. They have all sorts of Kratom herbs, plants, and extracts of Kratom powder. Most buyers have complained that the website is somehow cranky but the services are dope. The prices offered here are great and they offer free overnight deliveries and you get your products first thing in the morning. The customer reward program from this vendor is epic. If you would like to get more juicy deals when buying Kratom from this vendor, you can use their coupons.

Kraken Kratom still remains among the best Kratom vendors with an online store that you should try. They have both Kratom extracts, enhanced strains and the regular Kratom which is awesome. Their prices are pretty affordable. Let’s say they are among the cheapest Kratom vendors online. The company offers a good reward program for different categories of customers like returning customers and those who pay for products via bitcoin. If you would like a free same day Kratom delivery, this company will do just that. If you are ordering for a bug amount of Kratom, overnight FEDEX delivery is available.

Kratomcapsules is loved by so many peoples. This company sells Kratom in capsules form which is highly recommended for starters. The pills offer convenience and are portable and easy to take. The customer support is genuine with information and clear on dosages. If you would like a fast delivery, the company will do it for free. The prices are favorable and for returning customers a reward program in form of discounts and extra capsules is given. This could be the reason this online vendor is loved by many Kratom users.

Preparation of Kratom Tea and its Effect

Kratom is the dried and crushed (or powdered) leaves from the species mitragyna speciosa, a tree which is native to Southeast Asia. The tree is in the same botanical family as the coffee tree. For thousand years, Kratom has been used as a medicinal and recreational herbal drug, and gives stimulant (when at lower doses) and seductive (at higher doses). in order to have an effective experience of this powerful plant, Kratom is consumed in form of tea.

Most people prefer Kratom Tea because it’s a natural, herbal supplement that fall into the same approximates as coffee. This herb also has fewer side effects than other artificial medicine

How to make your own Kratom tea


  • A mug
  • Kratom powder
  • strainer
  • Water
  • A kettle
  • Any source of heat
  • Sugar, honey, stevia and cinnamon.
  • Lemon


Start by putting lemon to the water in the kettle (although this step is optional).

Boil the water and add Kratom powder to the boiling water.

Reduce the heat to allow the substance to simmer for about ten minutes.

When the color changes to dark orange, remove the kettle from the heat.

then filter the mixture with a strainer.

You can pour out or keep the mixture left in the filter for the next time. Although if used again it will have weaker effects.

You can now taste the tea but if it doesn’t have a good taste, add sugar or any other flavor in it.

Benefits of Kratom tea

although it has a lot of medicinal properties. If taken in small amounts can act as a stimulant by increasing the rate of concentration, libido and even sociability. Excessive consumption of Kratom can act as a sedative, creating a feeling of relaxation and pain reduction.

Where to buy Kratom tea

There are many places to get this special tea. but since many counties do not allow it, it’s important to ensure purchasing from a well reputable source.Also try to purchase Kratom online by joining an online community of Kratom users. Always ensure obtaining information as much as possible by reading some reviews and discussed forums first before buying the product.

Kratom Tea can be found in form of powder or in bags. Both of them differ in preparation but they are basically the same thing. What matters is your preference.


Please ensure the you use Kratom responsibly. Don’t drive or operate machinery while under its effect, be sure to give yourself the time needed to enjoy Kratom benefit; count on the effect of Kratom to last over 4 hours, and ensure You are in safe, relaxing environment before using Kratom.

Knowing the right Kratom Dosage

After you decide to take Kratom, the most critical question to ask yourself is which is how much kratom you need to take. The right kratom dosage varies throughout the kratom community and is dependent on so many distinct factors. Generally, a new user you should begin with just a small amount. That is one or two grams, in the meantime, asses how your body reacts and learn your right amount.

For many people, they take between 3 – 6 grams kratom every day. Others use more while others use less. However, how do you ensure you are taking the right dosage? Find the tips below.

General guidelines or taking Kratom Safely & Effectually

Start Small – the effects of Kratom different in each person. it is because some associating factors like mass index, blood viscidness, innate formalities and brain alignment are different in each person. So, it is critical to begin with the very little amount so that you can comprehend how it responds to you. Then you can begin rising the amount until you get to a point where obtain the desired amount.

Do not Overdo It- Kratom is so useful but only if you use it in a responsible manner. Do not take high doses. Consuming high doses to get high aster or catch the buzz is not safe. Always consume the optimum amount.

Drink more Water- Just like coffee, Kratom can raise the dehydration rate. Therefore, you need to ensure you take in a lot of water every day. If you do not use kratom day, ensure you take in plenty of water on the days you consume. Failure to take in water can cause headaches and nausea

Assess your Body- It is so critical to be adjusted with the reaction of your body to kratom. The reactions to master embraces how much you consume and also how you consume. You need to be aware that taking kratom on an empty stomach is different from taking it when you are full. Also, you need to be aware that taking kratom tea has different effects with taking kratom capsules. Therefore, you need to assess yourself and master the right. After that, be consistent in the routine.

Flexibility- Different kratom strains are made differently. So different kind of kratom has different effects on varying dosages. So you need to be aware of this when experimenting with the new strains. You need to always be flexible.

In conclusion, it may take a lot of time to completely understand the ounces of taking the right kratom doses but it is so critical. Therefore, you need to keen. In case you are in doubt, you need to take in a lot of water and lower the amount. Always be safe and you will really enjoy it.

How to get a Legitimate Etizolam Vendor

When buying Etizolam, check out for the varying trade terms. It trades as, etilaam or etizest. They are not cons, maybe it’s a term misunderstanding. The drug acts as a depressant substance which comes with sedative and hypnotic properties that are used for the short-term treatment of anxiety, insomnia, and even depression. Other patients will use Etizolam in treating panic attacks. It’s worth noting that you will not find Etizolam in every chemist that you get to. There are countries where you can purchase one while there are others you cannot. You, therefore, need to have a clear understanding of the legitimate vendors and the right places to buy Etizolam.

As the drug is widely accepted as a prescription drug through India and Italy, countries like in Europe and in the United State value it as an illegal drug. The United States has illegalized the drug for any medical use albeit allowing the research firms to use it in solitary for the research purposes.

Obtaining the drug legally will, therefore, help you remain on the right side of the law. Don’t be in a rush to buy Etizolam. It has controlled use in many countries including; United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland among others.

Who can I buy from?

In need of Etizolam? Worry no more. You can now get the drug legally through two platforms. Either through the online vendors or in retail stores mainly chemists. Regardless of the vendors, you choose to use, ensure they are clean. Depending on your needs, choose the most convenient option, either buying offline or online. Each of the options has different benefits and drawbacks that you ought to weigh to decide that which will favor you.

The most common legal online platform where you can buy Etizolam is from ethnobotanical websites. You have the benefits of having the drug brought to your doorstep and won’t compromise on quality. Always speak to the sales rep to get better information before the purchase.

Traits of a Legitimate Vendor

There are many retail and online drug stores. There is, therefore, need to identify a trusted and legit Etizolam dealer lest you buy fake Etizolam. A legit vendor will sell you the product as you like it and in the form that you want it.

Get a reputable online dealer. Many will say they will deliver. You can get confirmation of their services through customer reviews and establish their credibility.

The vendor should know the product. Before the purchase ask about the drug and mainly focus on the questions that you have answers, only to be sure they know what they are selling.

When doing online purchase utilize the live support option to get more information. Ensure you understand all the payment options as well as the on-time delivery system.

To sum it up…

Every option that you choose to use will have pros and cons, where you decide which to go with. You can, therefore, get the drugs through the online website or offline through retail stores. The bottom line, however, is that you focus on right quality and how legit the vendor is.